Johannes Module Header Image


The Johannes modules are a separate module standard that enables all built modules to be connected to one another. It makes no difference whether the module represents a plain, a valley or a mountain landscape. The standard is based on a Japanese idea that was adapted to German dimensions by the Johannes community (Müden / Aller). The standard is freely accessible to everyone and can be used by anyone for private purposes. (In the area ❱Events❰ we offer activities for building your own Johannes module yourself.)

The specialty of the Johannes modules lies in their design. Designed as a square U, each module shell can be used for three different landscapes. Every Johannes module can be used to create a valley with a bridge, a flat surface or a route through a mountain.

We use the Kato Unitrack N gauge track on the Johannes modules. The frame of the Johannes modules is made of 18mm thick birch plywood. This also ensures high flexibility and stability in use.

Johannes module straight

Whether mountain, valley or high plateau, the "Johannes Modul straight" is ideally suited for these types of terrain design. As the dimensions in the picture show, the 15cm x 31cm is a compact and handy base.

The "Johannes module straight" is particularly suitable for small scenes or dioramas. It is a real all-rounder that can shine alone or in conjunction with a large system. You can easily conjure up small worlds and stories in a handy format.

Another special feature: The Joahnnes module straight is available with a middle or side orientated track. This allows individual space to be created for different landscapes. In order to still be able to freely combine these modules with each other, there is the Johannes module track change.

Johannes Modul Norm 1

Johannes module curved 45°

So that it doesnt always go straight. To enable modular landscapes in many forms, the Johannes module is also available in a curved form. One or more can be combined into curves in 45 degree steps up to a complete 180 degree turn.

Thanks to the high-quality processing by our team, a large system made up of many modules is also possible without unwanted gaps between the modules.

Johannes Modul Norm 2

Johannes modul track change

The trick with the kink. The Joahnnes module straight is available in the middle or on the side of the track. In order to be able to freely combine these modules with each other, there is the Johannes module track change.

In the Johannes module track change, the dimensions are identical to the Joahnnes module straight. The tracks run either from the middle of the module to the edge, or from the edge to the middle of the module.

Johannes Modul Norm 3